Marine Surveys

Ensuring Vessel Safety, Value and Seaworthiness

If you intend to purchase, finance, insure, register or repair a vessel of any size, it is highly recommended that you obtain a Marine Survey conducted by a professional Marine Surveyor.

RTM is an independent, professional Marine Surveyor that provides you with the industry’s most comprehensive, unbiased and factual reports to ensure you are making sound and informed decisions.

we are independent & experienced

With decades of experience, we are committed to providing meticulous marine surveying and inspection services while maintaining our independence, integrity and objectivity.

As a member of the Marine Surveyors Association Inc, Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors, and accredited by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), as well as an accredited ships master and ships engineer, Rod and Renee have the knowledge and experience to deliver a comprehensive survey that will assist you in your transaction.

RTM specialise in

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If you are considering purchasing a new or pre-owned vessel, a thorough pre-purchase marine survey can help you make the right purchasing decisions and save you time, money and any frustration or disputes in the future.

What is a pre-purchase Survey?

A Pre-purchase Marine Survey is a comprehensive inspection of your vessel to determine its condition, value, and seaworthiness.

Conducted by RTM’s professional marine surveyors, Rod and Renee, your Pre-purchase Marine Survey is an in-depth examination of the vessel you are considering buying. It will highlight any issues that you can’t easily see, for example, osmosis blistering, softened decks, rotting stringers, etc. Your new boat may look great from the outside but beware, there is plenty you can’t see!

Our detailed in and out-of-water inspections will help you determine the overall condition of the boat including inspecting the hull, machinery, ancillary systems, and interior & exterior fittings.

The inspection may also identify any previous damage or substandard repair work and highlight any possible faults or future maintenance that you need to factor into your purchase decision.

Why do I need a Marine Survey?

Pre-purchase Marine Surveys are essential to understanding the condition of your potential investment. Pre-purchase boat inspections may also be necessary to secure finance and/or insurance.

The findings uncovered by a survey will determine the fair market value of the vessel and are often used as a negotiation tool. It will also uncover any undisclosed or unforeseen issues the vessel may have.

RTM Reporting

Our Pre-purchase Marine Surveys are supported by the most comprehensive reports (not tick & flick style) available. Our reports outline all systems, machinery, running gear, structural integrity, and electrical & electronic componentry, coloured reference photos coupled with an overall appraisal of the vessel’s aesthetics inside and out.

Our inspections also include a sea trial where all underway systems and navigation aids are thoroughly tested.

When identifying any defects within the report, we can also offer recommendations for repair where possible, along with a priority of the defect items, from low to high.

Follow Up

Following the inspection and reporting, we also follow up and liaise with you to discuss any ongoing queries you may have. Through our Project Management services, we can recommend a plan to conduct any modifications, fixes or improvements to your vessel moving forward if required.

RTM’s Pre-purchase inspections are well supported and complemented by our Mechanical Condition Surveys.

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Many insurance companies won’t accept your insurance application without a comprehensive Insurance Condition Report.

They will ask you to provide a Marine Condition Survey Report to help them understand the seaworthiness, overall condition and value of your vessel to ensure you are securing the right level of cover for your boat.

RTM has been working with most insurers since 2011 and has developed a reporting style that adheres to all requirements and is well received by the insurer.

Typically, an Insurance Condition Survey is a thorough out-of-water inspection where we use our training and seamanship capabilities to ensure your vessel is safe for operation and consistent with the requirements of your insurer.

Our insurance condition reports are recognised by the most reputable marine industry insurers, including Pantaenius Australia, Club Marine, Nautilus Marine, Trident Insurance and more.

Our inspections are specific to the insurance company’s requirements and are formalised into a professionally presented report with specific comments and colour reference photos.

In the event of a claim

Depending on the size and type of claim, your insurer may also request an updated Insurance Condition Report to be able to process your claim.

RTM understands that during the claims process, you need to act quickly yet thoroughly. We offer various services assisting vessel owners and insurance companies to ensure a smooth claims process.

Our services include claims handling, investigation and reporting reflecting loss claims and offering expert advice relating to legal matters. We are experienced in guiding our clients through the claims process and liaising with insurers, repairers, and owners.

RTM Reporting

The Insurance Condition Surveys are supported by very comprehensive reports (not tick & flick style) outlining any items of defects, coupled with a repair recommendation where possible. Our reports also include any recent maintenance or betterment to the vessel, offering your insurer a factual overview of your vessel’s condition.

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Our General Condition Surveys provide vessel owners with an accurate appraisal of their vessels. This general inspection offers various levels of inspection, which can be discussed and agreed upon before engagement.

Typically, the full inspection is utilised by boaters embarking on coastal cruising or ocean crossings who want to ensure the seaworthiness of their vessel before departure. Often, less detailed inspections have been conducted by clients if they have been boating locally or if their vessel has sat for a long period with no or minimum use (over winter, for example).

These inspections are supported by comprehensive reports (not tick & flick style) outlining any items of defects, coupled with a repair recommendation where possible.

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With a mechanical trade certificate, AMSA engineering accreditation, and over 35 years of experience, Rod from RTM can offer you a full mechanical appraisal of the main engine, gearbox & generator.

Potential buyers typically undertake these inspections before purchasing a vessel or by existing owners who want a thorough check over their vessel before extended cruising or getting ready for the summer season.

RTM also recommends and provides an oil sample service, offering laboratory findings of the oil within the main engine, gearbox & generator.

RTM’s Mechanical Condition Surveys are well supported by our Pre-Purchase Surveys.

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client feedback

In early 2021 I spoke to several companies regarding what they could offer for a Pre-Purchase Survey.

RTM stood out as the most professional in their survey detail, what was included or could be covered, and the prompt communication.

The 3 team members that attended the sea trial and survey were excellent in their knowledge, interaction with the Seller, Broker and Buyer as well as the detail that was covered.

The open communication with all work, plus a jovial attitude and respect shown to the crew and vessel while working, is first-rate and highly commendable to the staff and management of RTM. It has become unusual to find such honesty from contractors in the Superyacht world.

I would highly recommend RTM based on my experience and would be happy to provide a reference or answer any questions.
500t Pre purchase Marine Survey Gold Coast RT Marine
Captain Todd
Pre-purchase Survey
I would highly recommend Rod Twitchin Marine if you looking for a pre-inspection before you purchase a boat.

I found Rod extremely easy to work with, he carried out a very detailed inspection of the boat and explained the report so we had a complete picture of what we were buying.

Being new to this style of boating we found Rod took the time to answer any of our questions on the day and gave us ongoing support over the next few weeks even after the deal was done.

Should we ever purchase another boat there is no question that Rod will be the person we will turn to when it comes to the pre-inspection.
Steber 41 Pre purchase Marine Survey Gold Coast RT Marine
Troy Campbell
Pre-purchase Survey

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