Wave 64′

RTM was engaged to conduct a Pre Purchase inspection aboard the New Wave 64′ for our international clients.

Throughout the purchasing period a relationship of trust was forged and RTM was then commissioned to carry out an extensive list of refit, repair and betterment to the vessel for the new owners.

The owners only visited the vessel three times throughout the refit period showing their trust they held in RTM to successfully complete the project.

Below is a list of various items that were conducted.

  • Supply & installation of a secondary generator, which required a frame to sit the new genset on top of the other due to limited realestate
  • Supply & installation of "At rest & Underway" TRAC Stabilization System
  • Overhaul of the desalination plant
  • Modification to the aft deck cabinetry for the housing of a new icemaker
  • Servicing of all machinery and ancyliary systems
  • Painting of the hull and detailing of the superstructure
  • Reconfiguring of the port and starboard windows to create a more modern sleek profile view
  • Removal & replacement of the large forward windows for resealing purposes
  • Removal & replacement of all teak margin planking for works to sole, then sanding of all teak decks
  • Modification to helm areas and cover in leather, then supply & installlation of new electronics including satelite equipment
  • Satelite television instalation
  • Sanding and preparation of all hard fitout to the interior to change from a satin finish to gloss
  • New flooring throughout
  • New tapware throughout
  • New soft furnishing to both interior and exterior
  • New aft bimini structure, covering and breezeway curtains
  • Supply & Installation of the new illuminated signage COSTA PLENTY
  • Basin & Seatrials while conducting all commisioning
  • Supply of full operations manual to reflect the vessel in its new configuration
  • Final detailing
  • Extensive handover to clients
Wave 64 - Costa Plenty-Rod Twitchin Marine
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