Vessel Operations Manuals

Professional vessel operations manuals

If you’ve purchased a vessel, you’ll likely need an operating manual for it. Unfortunately, it’s common, especially on older boats for there not to be an operating manual, or for the existing manual to be damaged and or unreadable.

Here’s why you should trust Rod Twitchin Marine for vessel operations manuals.


Our customised bound vessel operations manuals are tailor made for each vessel. That means every manual we produce is made specifically for an individual vessel, it’s not a generic manual for a type of boat.

Easy to read

We make sure our manuals read well and each operations guide includes colour reference photos offering you sound knowledge about the entirety of your vessel. With our vessel operations manuals you’ll be able to confidently master your vessel.


We leave nothing out! Our vessel operations manuals provide details about Systems and Procedures, Basic Seamanship, Rules of the Road, Vessel Handling, Safety, and Maintenance. Plus, much more.

Our handbooks can also be customised to your budget, starting with our tailored basic publication and extending to additional, more in-depth content. Along with your manual, we also give you peace of mind with our ongoing shore support.

Gold Coast marine surveying and consultancy

We provide vessel operations manuals for any size vessel for private use or commercial use.

Rod Twitchin Marine operates from The Boat Works at Coomera on the Gold Coast. Our office business hours are between 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday to Friday or by appointment.

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