Marine Valuations

RTM offer professional boat valuations as part of their consultancy services

These condition and valuation reports can be utilised for insurance, customs, taxation, legal and pre-purchase purposes, they are professionally presented, well descripted, and include colour reference photos. Our boat valuation reports are tailored to your needs and can vary from, “in” and/or “out” of water inspections, to desktop appraisals, as determined by your requirements.
Why do you need a boat valuation?

There are times when you are required to prove the value of your assets, including your boat, for legal reasons or taxation purposes, in some circumstances, an insurance company requests a professional valuation from a marine surveyor, or if you are importing a vessel from overseas you will be required to prove the value of the boat for Australian customs purposes.

A boat valuation can be essential information if you plan to buy or sell a boat or yacht, as with any major investment, getting the right advice is crucial to making an informed decision. You wouldn’t consider buying a house without getting a building inspection and knowing the valuation, and the same should apply for buying a boat.

Getting a professional valuation from a marine surveyor is important for owner, buyers and sellers of boats and yachts. Just like the housing market, the ‘boat’ market also has market value.
Why are boat valuations important?

For buyers, it’s important to pay a ‘fair’ price for your boat and for sellers, it’s important to get a ‘fair’ price for your boat.

What’s included in our marine valuations (boat valuations)

  • Conduct in and/or out of water inspections as required
  • Conduct visual and percussion inspections of the hull below the waterline and offer appraisals of running gear if an out of water inspection is conducted
  • Conduct visual inspection of the hull, deck and superstructure
  • Offer appraisals of the machinery and systems aboard
  • Offer appraisals of vessel interior including hard and soft fit-outs
  • Conduct function tests of electrical appliances aboard including pumps
  • Document all systems, appliances, componentry, electronics aboard
  • Be present on board for sea trials if required (to be conducted on the same day as in and out of water inspections)
  • Identify any items that require further investigation, repair, or replacement
  • Conduct valuation process
  • Formalise findings into a coloured report with reference photos
  • Client/broker liaising
  • Local travel
  • Administration

A professional valuation can influence your buying decision and protect you from costly repairs or defects that you weren’t aware of.

To get in touch with us for an obligation free quote or advice about boat valuations, call our Gold Coast team between 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday to Friday or by appointment.

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