Boston Whaler Outrage 240

This Boston Whaler 240 is primarily used as a support boat and game fishing vessel.

With specific needs of the customer in mind such as extreme stability at sea while fishing, upgraded comforts onboard and the possibility to be towed behind her 64m Mothership, RT Marine were commissioned to complete these jobs and more.

  • Supply and installation of a Gyro Stabilizer
  • Replaced the old aluminium fuel tank with a in-house built FRP tank
  • Engineered and installed a stainless steel towing cheek
  • Engineered and fabricated a black water holding tank under the toilet
  • Replaced hose clamps on the boost hoses on both engines
  • Inspected and rectified corrosion to the Mercury electronic module
  • Supplied and installed water spear primary filters
  • Serviced the trim tab rams
  • Tidied electrical cabling and rectified corroded terminals
  • Serviced all raw water tank pumps
  • Serviced of the fresh water system
  • Inspected and replaced as required, hosing, clamping, fittings & valving
  • Drained Targa of water and re-wipe all joints and penetrations
  • Inspection of all electricals within the Targa areas
  • Supplied new chrome throttle control covering
  • Serviced and/or replaced all gas struts aboard
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